It’s not just about the bike………



Every year, people spend their hard earned income on improving their ride, yet don’t invest in improving their own mountain bike skills.

That’s why at EMTB coaching, we have designed a range of mountain bike tuition courses, tailored to help people of all abilities achieve the next level in their riding.

We are proud to be the first company to also include electric mountain bike specific instruction within all of our courses.


Meet our team of professional instructors



Alex Smith, Lead Instructor and owner

Qualifications:  MIAS Level 3 Mountain Bike Instructor. Mountain Rescue and Emergency Care First Aid trained, along with St Johns First Aid at work trained both these courses expire in 2016. British Cycling Insured (ABCC) and CRB certificate present.

Current Bike: HaiBike Xduro Nduro Pro (Custom Specification and tuned)

Top 5 favourite places to ride:

  1. Llanberis path, Snowdon
  2. Rangers path, Snowdon
  3. Forest of Dean, Gloucester
  4. Code y Brenin, Snowdonia
  5. Cannock Chase, Midlands

A few words from Alex:

I started mountain biking age 20, mostly around my local trails Cannock Chase. I was instantly hooked, I found myself going every day after work and most of my weekend was spent there. Like many people I then began to upgrade my bike, just small parts at first and then larger parts like the frame!

The upgrades were good but, I felt like I still needed more, so I decided to try some tuition. I had several training sessions with a local company and instantly noticed the difference, and so did my friends.

Coaching had taught me many new skills and now I wanted a bigger challenge so I travelled the length and breadth of the country in search of the UK’s best trail centres. One of my friends suggested riding up and down Snowdon, at first this sounded like madness but this ride turned out to be the ride that changed my whole view on riding. I fell in love with natural terrain riding and the skills and mental strength it demanded. The environment was as challenging as the riding and this spurred me on to learn more about riding in these conditions.

I decided to learn more, I took a ‘bike leader course’ this developed into me becoming a level 3 MIAS instructor. I then went to work for the very company who gave me tuition all those years ago. Almost ironic I guess.

As with most people a bike upgrade was eventually in order. Not content with a ‘normal’ bike and after much consideration I decided to purchase my first eBike. Riding an eBike is a very different experience that has very different challenges. I’ve spent months taking my existing skills and adapting them to riding an eBike. Now I have the confidence to push the bike and myself to the limit I can safely say its like nothing else I have ever ridden, its astounding!

Seeing what was possible with a few small changes to my riding style made me think about others. I have always had a desire to offer the best coaching possible and to work for myself. So knowing what I know now with the experiences I have to date I started the Uk’s first eBike coaching company ‘EMTB Coaching’.

Coaching has offered me many ups and downs over the years, I’ve learnt so much and developed in more ways that I could have imaged. The eBike just adds a new chapter to this development and I hope to be able to share what I know with others, with you. To make you the best you can be.

See you on the trails soon . . . .

 Meet the rest of the team




Adam Pitt – Pedelec Instructor


MIAS Level 2 Pedelec Mountain Bike Instructor.emtb-coaching-adam-pitt-coach-instructor-pedelec-mountain-bike-mtb-amtb-haibike-leader-mias-bosch-yamaha-ebike-electric-bike

Mountain Rescue and Emergency Care First Aid trained.


Current Bike:  2016 HaiBike Xduro Nduro Pro


Top 5 favourite places to ride:

  1. Llanberis path, Snowdon
  2. Coed Y Brenin, Snowdonia
  3. Forest of Dean, Gloucester
  4. Bike Park Wales
  5. Cannock Chase, Midlands


A Few Words From Adam:

I started mountain biking around 1986 and haven’t really stopped since. My passion at that time was cross country riding, the off road terrain provided me with an ever challenging and varied riding experience which kept me hooked for 14 years. In 2010 a chance meeting on an evening training ride changed everything, I met Alex……………………………..

With a new group of riding friends to encourage me, my riding preferences changed to a more gravity based discipline. My cross country background meant I enjoyed the ups just as much as my new found love of the downs and I quickly found myself tackling some of the finest Trail Centres that the UK had to offer. Following a weekend trip to ride Snowdon I fairly swiftly realised that I needed to upgrade my bike – my beloved xc bike had reached its limits. Moving from a Specialized Epic custom build to an Ibis SL and then to a Santa Cruz Nomad C in quick succession, my confidence and skills grew very quickly with each bike offering me more. During this period of time I took many varied coaching courses with different companies which fine-tuned my new found skills, and gave me the confidence to push my riding to ever higher limits. My introduction to Pedelecs came during a weekend ride on Cannock Chase where I had a chance to ride an “electric Bike”. Within 10 yards I had the most ridiculous grin across my face as my eyes where opened to the possibilities and opportunities that had just been presented to me. I then very quickly started to research this fledgling market.

I am very proud to be invited to join the team at EMTB coaching and by doing so I am making sure that I am at the forefront of this new and very exciting chapter in cycling development. I look forward to seeing you all on the trails.



Introducing David Causon – Instructor.

Qualifications:  MIAS level 2 Mountain Bike Instructor. Advanced first aid at work and trauma specialist. British Cycling Insured (ABCC) and CRB certificate.

Current Bike: Hai Bike Xduro Nduro Pro (Custom Spec and tuned)


Top 5 Favourite places to ride:  

Llanberis path, Snowdon

Forest of Dean, Gloucester

Whistler Mountain bike park, Canada

Hopton woods, Hopton

Ribesford dh tracks, Bewdley


A few words from David:

My love of mountain biking began in 1992 when at the time it was quite a niche sport and riders would only ride and race cross country. I trialled many different types of riding including X.C, dirt jumping, tricks and trials until I found my true passion in downhill riding and racing. My love of bikes extended not only from riding them but also to building and fine tuning bikes for the ultimate rides. Working as a mechanic in the local bike shop I mastered my extensive knowledge of bikes and learnt how to customise bikes to suit individual riders specifications and riding styles.

I have been lucky enough to have ridden my bike all over the UK and even in Whistler in Canada. I raced downhill mountain bikes in the UK for 6 years including the ‘Pearce cycles’ summer and winter series and the British national downhill series.

As much as I loved riding and racing downhill mountain bikes throughout the UK there was always one negative… you have to either push your bike or get an uplift service to the top. This requires booking a week or month before and spending 95 % of the day waiting for the van to pick you up or queuing for the van. Downhill specific bikes are too heavy, geared only for downhill riding and have the wrong geometry to ride uphill. After much research I finally succumbed to the idea of getting an electric bike which has been a complete game changer for me as it has facilitated my uphill struggles giving me more time to enjoy what I like doing best…going downhill!

After getting used to the way an eBike rides compared to conventional mountain bikes I decided I wanted to pass on the knowledge and skills I have learnt over the years. At this point I met Alex who shared my passion. When Alex told me he was putting EMTB coaching together I jumped at the chance to get on board. We are the first eBike coaching company in the UK who teach our skills on eBikes, which will benefit you as we know how they ride and how to get the most out of them.

I look forward to passing my skills onto you in the future and giving you the best mountain bike coaching experience available.




 Next up is Nathan John:


Nathan is one of our eBike specialist. We have good plans with Nathan and in due time we will explain more on here about our path with Nathan. However a little information to start is that he has been trained to MIAS level 2, First Aid trained and he is also insured through ABCC. This means you may well meet Nathan on one of our many services.