UK’s First eBike Holiday


EMTB Coaching took 10 customers to Scotland for the UK’s first eBike holiday. Our four day trip was very nerve racking to begin with but soon realisation kicked in to how well it was going to be.Scotland-eBike-Holiday-EMTB-Haibike-Cube-Trek-Bosch-Yamaha-Peebles-Glentress-Innerleithen-Training-MTB-electric-biking.jpg (9)

Friday was a long day spent in the EMTB Coaching team van for 6 hours in the direction of North. We had a busy morning packing the van with team kit, bikes, spares and our luggage. Heading to Peebles was pretty straight forward with only 3 roads to use its alot easier than somewhere closer which uses tight country lanes. Once in Peebles the hotel is smack in the middle of the town with pubs, chip shops, kebab houses and curry stations all a stones throw from the front door. The hotel is a 1800’s building which stands out lovely but having been earlier in the year for our recce we knew the service and facilities was the best part. Unpacking the van, signing in to our 5 rooms and getting the first beer in was all done in record time ready to meet and greet our guests. Slowly they arrived one by one with no problems at all, greeted with a drink everyone congregated in the hotel bar for a briefing before sitting down for dinner. The socialising through the Friday evening was excellent, looking back now this was essential for the group.

Scotland-eBike-Holiday-EMTB-Haibike-Cube-Trek-Bosch-Yamaha-Peebles-Glentress-Innerleithen-Training-MTB-electric-biking.jpg (6)Scotland-eBike-Holiday-EMTB-Haibike-Cube-Trek-Bosch-Yamaha-Peebles-Glentress-Innerleithen-Training-MTB-electric-biking.jpg (10)


Saturday morning we woke to meet in the breakfast hall where our full buffet style breakfast was served, as much as the temptation was there to eat our body mass in one meal with lots to choose from we had to remember not to fill ourselves as the riding would become difficult. Glentress skills area was our first point of call, all 14 of us getting eBikes out of the vans was causing a stir with others in the car park. Questions were being fired from all angles – eBiking has truly taken a turn for the future now with people becoming more curious and accepting. A quick ride out of the car park with the group too the first initial skills area we had a quick talk about what our aims were, skills coaching for the morning before lunch and back out to ride Innerleithen. We split the group into two smaller groups and set to work getting their general riding confident on this new terrain using jumps, drops and rock gardens to improve their skills along the way. With a few minor falls and massive improvements the group was in high spirits we went back to the hotel for a battery charge and refuel our selves.
Scotland-eBike-Holiday-EMTB-Haibike-Cube-Trek-Bosch-Yamaha-Peebles-Glentress-Innerleithen-Training-MTB-electric-biking.jpg (7)Scotland-eBike-Holiday-EMTB-Haibike-Cube-Trek-Bosch-Yamaha-Peebles-Glentress-Innerleithen-Training-MTB-electric-biking.jpg

Innerleithen Saturday afternoon was beautiful weather – blue skies with little cloud made the scenery amazing. Our climb was a little slower that normal due to the size of the group but we still over took many of conventional riders. The climb out of the car park and to the top of Inners is a pretty long one and the eBikes make it lighter work than it could be, still taking strain on our bodies going up most of us had a sweat on once we reached the summit. The clouds had blown over forming the skies to become less bright but the view was just as pleasing for everyone as our moral ready for the decent back to the vans. The decent is very flowly at Innerleithen which gave all of our eRiders a nice run to get them settled after the climb. There are some larger features within the decent in the form of rock drops and some reasonable sized table tops, all the way down is roll-able which is perfect for us as a guiding group. Back down to the bottom with the vans in sight made the group ecstatic, the group were over whelmed by what they had just achieved. Beers all round for a first day celebration and not too many because day two was going to get tough.

Scotland-eBike-Holiday-EMTB-Haibike-Cube-Trek-Bosch-Yamaha-Peebles-Glentress-Innerleithen-Training-MTB-electric-biking.jpg (2)

Sunday breakfast was a little later, the beers the night before had effect on some of us. A definite slower start to the day meant we wasn’t fully awake heading out the hotel, shorts – batteries and shoes were left in the hotel by some of the team let alone the group.  A quick round up at the hotel and off we went back to Glentress, a eBike issue had accrued so we changed our plans and sent the group off to the skills area while half the team got the spanners out to sort the malfunction. Bike issue done off we go, we all meet up at the skills area to regroup before enhancing their skills by riding down a flowly section of blue route and repeating over and over till tired. This seemed to be very good for the group watching the riders come through the same sections of trail repeating the course and improving every run. A little worn out we head back to the hotel for some grub and a recharge.
Scotland-eBike-Holiday-EMTB-Haibike-Cube-Trek-Bosch-Yamaha-Peebles-Glentress-Innerleithen-Training-MTB-electric-biking.jpg (8)Scotland-eBike-Holiday-EMTB-Haibike-Cube-Trek-Bosch-Yamaha-Peebles-Glentress-Innerleithen-Training-MTB-electric-biking.jpg (12)Scotland-eBike-Holiday-EMTB-Haibike-Cube-Trek-Bosch-Yamaha-Peebles-Glentress-Innerleithen-Training-MTB-electric-biking.jpg (11)



As our plan had changed we decided to run our evening decent down Glentress climbing the red trail by day light and descending into the dark. The group were a little apprehensive but the team pulled their motivational speech’s to get them settled before heading down ‘Spooky Wood’ the first decent from the top. Glentress is a real joy to ride! Open trails leading into heavily wooded areas that flow well offering jumps, drops and roots between much loved hard packed trails. The light was dropping away from us minuet by minuet, our lights were on and the group was buzzing with excitement the further down the trail. Most haven’t ridden by candle light before so it was a little daunting for some, by the time we all plopped out at the end of the trail near the centre car park the group were exhausted but screaming with joy and rightly so as well. Back to the hotel where they kindly re opened the dinning hall for us to embark on some much needed food along with drinks, truly was such a great experience from every angle.

Scotland-eBike-Holiday-EMTB-Haibike-Cube-Trek-Bosch-Yamaha-Peebles-Glentress-Innerleithen-Training-MTB-electric-biking.jpg (3)Scotland-eBike-Holiday-EMTB-Haibike-Cube-Trek-Bosch-Yamaha-Peebles-Glentress-Innerleithen-Training-MTB-electric-biking.jpg (4)

Monday was our final breakfast (we love the breakfast at this hotel!) before saying our good byes and departing for another 6 hour journey back to the Midlands. We were all pleased and tired once we got in the van, we are still doing our clean up procedure a week later. Scotland-eBike-Holiday-EMTB-Haibike-Cube-Trek-Bosch-Yamaha-Peebles-Glentress-Innerleithen-Training-MTB-electric-biking.jpg (5)

Such an excellent holiday with many funny memories and great friends made through a weekends eBiking. Video to follow.

To everyone who attended the UK’s first eBiking holiday, we thank you!

Haibike UK promotional video


Haibike UK promotional video was a great success. Haibike UK invited EMTB Coaching to join them in Snowdonia National Park which is situated in North Wales with the aim to get as much footage of some big mountainous terrain with an eBike somewhere in between. This didn’t exactly go to plan so we struck a new plan due to weather and it turned out just fine. We all ended up at Coed Y Brenin, one of the most forgotten about trail centres in Wales that boasts over 150km of Mountain bike specific trails, new skills area for all abilities, a large modern cafe, clean facilities and a great bike shop that offers hire eBikes and normal bikes.  Our aim was to capture features of the emtb Habike range doing what they do best along with the fun factor thrown in for good measure. The Xduro Nduro Pro  with 180mm travel –  Xduro AllMtn RX throwing 150mm travel and the notorious Xduro FatSix thundering 4″ wide tyres running 8psi all eBikes rolling together at the same pace just shows how capable these bikes are. Everything fell into place and the video will show you exactly what Haibike UK wanted in their promotional video.

Thanks for watching.

EMTB Coaching’s Scotland Long Weekend eBike Trip


EMTB Coaching went to Scotland for a long weekend on the eBikes to find out what the fuss is about.

Our journey started from the Midlands Saturday morning with the SatNav set to Peebles town centre, this being our home for the next few days. As per usual the banter started from the moment our arses touched the seats in the van. Four of the EMTB team were present, Alex – Dave – Ryan and Nathan. Having a hassle free drive we reached Peebles early afternoon to find the 4star hotel room perfect for dumping our luggage, getting changed and hitting Innerleithen late afternoon.

Innerleithen is a small Scottish town set at the bottom of hills surrounding it, one hill side has way marked trails running from the car park with no facilities at the bottom. There are downhill runs and a red graded trail with black sections on the descend which pop off and back onto the red. The climb is pretty hard going even on an eBike, the Haibike Xduro Nduro Pro’s were fantastic at climbing up some sections but Ryan’s Haibike Xduro FullSeven RC was even better at setting the pace for the rest of us to follow him up the hill, 2000ft in sub 30mins was a great achievement for us all. Once at the top we all started taking pictures due to the nature of Scotland being so beautiful its hard to resist touching the camera buttons on our phones. Off we go down Innerleithen to the car via the red trail decent, open up top with berms and small table tops, small drop off’s and narrow single track makes this a tick in the box for most mountain bikers. Further down we were spat out onto a fire road and diversion put all of us into a forest section that was a little sketchy, tight turns and roots exposed made this very exciting for some, others were a little sceptical as to why Alex and Dave were whooping and yelling to each other. The woods wasn’t part of the trail as we ended up onto the trail further down realising this was for a race that was going on, the home straight was larger table tops, step ups and bigger drops (optional chicken lines were in place) making our wheels leave the ground at every given chance made this first ride in Scotland one to remember.

Our hotel room slept all four of us, a clean large bathroom that had a complimentary burn setting on the shower… .very welcoming after our first ride out. The beds were extremely comfortable and having 3 sized pillows to choose from on each bed we all slept well. Waking up on Sunday morning for our Scottish breakfast, cereals, croissants and jam or fruit was the best way to start the day before going back to our room to get changed and take the batteries off charge ready to head out to Glentress forest.

Glentress Forest has a trail centre shop, wash rooms, jet wash and cafe along with other activities in the forest. The trails are what we are hear for though, hitting the red trail from the car park it has a steady climb with balance beams and rock sections along the way to keep you entertained during the climb to the top. Upon our ride to the top we met 2 other eBikers who both had CUBE Stereo Hybrid 140 Race 27.5 which was great to meet other eBikers who was enjoying the trails the same way as us. The decent has very similar features to Innerleithen, this time though its a lot more thought out for the average rider who has any ability with mountain biking. Everything is rollable or has a ‘chicken line’ if this is not the case. There are very good sections on the down hill run which is like a runway through the forest made up of consecutive jumps making for great practice, the eBikes allow you to ride these several times without getting too stung for energy loss. Its times like these that make you fully aware of the eBikes ability to enhance your riding skills. Back down at the van we used the jet wash in the car park, this cost’s 1 pound for one and half minuets… not long when you have pine needles stuck in the frame and you don’t want to blast the bikes bearings to bits. A full production line was made between the four of us coving cleaning, drying, lubing and packing the van.

Back at the hotel in Peebles town we found out it was Dave’s birthday which he kept quiet, so we decide to celebrate by hitting the tiles. Many drinks later and a few out of time boogie moves we call it a night and hit the hay. Up early again on Monday the breakfast is a warm welcome knowing what is in store for our pedal assist machines.

We choose to explore natural trails around Innerleithen area away from the main way marked trail we head off into a fire road climb, ascending 1950ft with the front of the bike lifting even though our chests were practically on the bars made Alex’s heart rate reach 188pbm. Feeling fresh with amazing “on top of the world” views we cant resist that camera button once more. We head off down the hill to what looked like a forest entrance which cut us dry once we entered. So turning round and traversing along the tree line through heather we find a trail entrance with fresh tyre marks so we start pedalling hard riding blind down this trail that we had no idea where or what was in front of us, the thrill was immense arriving at a step down onto a fire road and back into the trail, wiggling through trees like a side winder snake. We reach another fire road to work our way back up towards where the trails started, so pedalling up once again was such a laugh talking to other riders who was out enjoying the sunny Scottish weather. Two particular riders who were also riding up was blowing a little so we offered to pull them up to a level point ahead, two eBikes to one rider made it light work of the steep fire road climb and the lads were extremely grateful at the top saying they would get us a pint…. still waiting for that though. Carrying on up we spotted several trails popping down the hill side to our right Dave decides to turn off leaving the rest of us to follow him, watching Dave ride is a good educational experience seeing what lines he is taking over rocks and off camber roots it is clear he is brilliant at what he does. We all round up together at the bottom with Nathan and Ryan both grinning from ear to ear. All of our batteries are on one bar so we head back to the hotel for a recharge along with lunch.

Glentress has a large spread out skills area ranging from greens to blacks and further more to free ride areas. So over our lunch stop we decided to go back and explore what Glentress has in store for teaching capabilities. Two hours of messing around searching what the skills area has to offer people we had climbed a whopping 482ft. Once again our royalty like feeling shined through the rest of the park with majority of other riders coming over to us and asking questions after the infamous comment of “thats cheating” had came out their mouths. Everyone at the park was interested in the Haibike Xduro Nduro Pro’s due to these bikes being slightly larger bikes yet still quicker than them around the trails. Giving other riders from the park a go on our eBikes was a good feeling seeing their faces light up during that first pedal stroke right through to getting off after a few laps of a skills section.Scotland-holiday-trip-ebike-emtb-coaching-emtbcoaching-innerliethen-glentress-natural-riding-mountain-biking-haibike.jpg (14)

Dinner time at the hotel and batteries on charge again for the third time in one day. This time we were off to do Innerleithen again but at night. Lights were charged and chest camera was on, turbo was engaged before heading out the car park to ride the red route to the summit. Once again we recorded our times setting a record of 1860ft at the summit from van in 28mins. While we were gaining our breath back from the monster climb we had the delight of watching the sun set through the mountains, the phones were out once again to capture these amazing shows that Scotland is giving us. Once the sun had dropped out of view the temperature had dropped instantly, lights were turned on and pedals were moving fast taking us on a roller coaster ride back down to the bottom. Riding Scottish trails by night are the best fun ever as it makes you feel like you are in a scene from star wars travelling though space at warp speed. At the van all of us are congratulating each other in the form of ‘high fives’ heckling at each other in silly accents because that’s what we do. It was 10.30pm when we arrived back at hotel knowing there was no food source around other than the local chippy, ordering the entire contents of the pre cooked food and taking it back to our hotel room, Ryan had brought his laptop where we all stuffed our faces and ate around the table watching a film before bed.

Tuesday we got up, packed our stuff and left the room as we found it. We had our last Scottish breakfast with haggis, beans, sausage, beacon, tomatoes, mushrooms with a coffee.. the food this hotel provides is delicious. All slumped in our seats in the van the journey home was full of stories from over the last few days that Scotland had provided us with. EMTB Coaching’s Scotland long weekend eBike trip was our favourite adventure so far.

EMTB with One Industries Mini Enduro at Forest of Dean

One Industries Mini Enduro was held at Forest of Dean on April 2015 with an EMTB category so we decided to attend and it was a first ever for Alex.

We took Rob Glover an EMTB Coaching sponsored rider to hold Alex’s hand for his first ever race and it was a pretty exciting one due to the brilliant weather, dry trails and amazing people from stewards, racers and spectators.

We met up with Rich from Haibike Uk in the morning who was helping Rob out with a choice of demo eBikes, either a Haibike Nduro Pro or a Haibike AllMtn RC which both eBikes run the Xduro (Bosch) drive system, both very well spec’d. Rob of course had to test both around the trails to make sure which one he wanted to use. 10 runs later he decided on the Nduro Pro for the extra 30mm of travel.

EMTB-Coaching-flag-haibike-bosch-xduro-sduro-enduro-mini-fod-forest-of-dean-ebikes-ebike-event-fitness-fun-social-uk.1.jpg (34)  EMTB-Coaching-flag-haibike-bosch-xduro-sduro-enduro-mini-fod-forest-of-dean-ebikes-ebike-event-fitness-fun-social-uk.1.jpg (21)

With Rob equipt and settled with his new eBike for the day Alex and Rob headed out of the car park with an hour to go before practice came to a close. They both returned back to the car park with massive grins on their faces due to the eBikes allowing them to practice all four race runs including climbing back to the top each time within the hour. After a short pit stop for a coffee and cake they headed back to the top to join the back end of the race with the other five eBikers.

Here is what Alex had to say about his experience; its quite exciting standing on the start line for the first time knowing you want to prove yourself. Heart rate increases – palms become sweaty – looking down the trail trying to remember the trail then all of a sudden 20 seconds have past before the rider before you has gone and beep beep beep beep go go go… all hell brakes loose and your off in TURBO mode propelling yourself down a steep trail on an off camber hill side through tight trees with exposed roots, loose fine dirt giving way under your tyres making things a little more exciting. Trying to ride fast and smooth is the key here I keep telling myself while digging inside my head for the memory of the route and lines I had chosen while doing the practice runs… so I end up riding blind and messing up a few times but no crashes and I finally plop out on to the fire road at the bottom of the first section. Phew! One over and three more to go.

Now with an eBike you soon realise that yourself and the 6 other eBikers are zooming your way through the conventional traffic and reach the beginning of the next check point with about 30 riders waiting to get called up to throw them selves into the steep once more…. moments go by and the eBikers are up.. beep.. beep.. beep and the buzz is back! Off I go. Sections two and three go great, three was a little longer than the others joining several trails together to get to the bottom of FoD and meeting up with the lads for some more banter. We all go off to the next section together again over taking a lot of conventional riders up the hill who are pushing their bikes talking to each other while we are sitting at 10mph+ all having a giggle at riders pushing shouting out to us (thats cheating) with a gentle tone just reminding them they are currently walking. A lot of interest was had in the eBikes as we kept getting to the top of the sections high on life giving each other banter while others are sitting down slurping on energy gels and bars. Once the ‘pushers’ catch us up they approach asking that vital question… can I have a go… of course you can and off they go with that familiar smile and heckle of laughter.

Section four, the last rider at the top…. beep beep beep … off I go racing the clock and I aim to try my hardest on this run! I’m taking the lines that I can remember and pedalling like mad to get to the bottom, a very fast decent this time straight lines through the trees with a few little climbs to break the decent up, I hit a root that launches me out onto the fire road at the bottom into the group of eBikers,,, doing a small stoppie under braking to avoid hitting anyone, I feel ecstatic and exhausted now after giving it my all.

Pleased it’s over and I’m in one piece after my first ever mountain bike race. We group up and head back to the car, changed, bikes sorted, times collected…. to find out that root on stage four had boosted me over the finish matt giving me a DNF (did not finish) so I didn’t get a place, I was annoyed as I was sitting in fourth place to the last section. Well I thoroughly enjoyed myself and want to do more. I hope to get other eBikers interested in joining me in the future as its a fantastic event with lots of laughs.


Alex made it clear he had a great time and Rob came in fourth place with a crash off the course and a few minor hick ups but went home upset that Rich from Haibike would not let him have the Nduro Pro. Please enjoy some pictures of the One Industries Mini Enduro at Forest of Dean which was amazing fun for the EMTB Coaching Team. 



EMTB Coaching travelled down to Swinley Forest to meet up with Martin from E-Bikeshop on their April Owners Club Ride.

Our journey started early so we could get there with enough time to find a space, drink a coffee and meet up with Martin and his customers. Travelling down to Swinley is an easy drive for anyone in the Midlands being very straight forward to find as its not far off main roads, unlike going to most Welsh trail spots.

ebikeshop-martin-brown-haibike-lapierre-ebike-mustache-emtb-club-ride-owners-electric-swinley-forest.jpg   ebikeshop-martin-brown-haibike-lapierre-ebike-mustache-emtb-club-ride-owners-electric-swinley-forest-4.jpg

Martin and his customers were very friendly from the off, all enthusiastic like minded people of all ages and abilities. After a lovely introduction about EMTB Coaching being apart of their social gathering within the de-brief and register from Martin we all set off towards the trails.

ebikeshop-martin-brown-haibike-lapierre-ebike-mustache-emtb-club-ride-owners-electric-swinley-forest-3.jpg   ebikeshop-martin-brown-haibike-lapierre-ebike-mustache-emtb-club-ride-owners-electric-swinley-forest-6.jpg

Program for the day – ride – smile – enjoy!


ebikeshop-martin-brown-haibike-lapierre-ebike-mustache-emtb-club-ride-owners-electric-swinley-forest-1.jpg   ebikeshop-martin-brown-haibike-lapierre-ebike-mustache-emtb-club-ride-owners-electric-swinley-forest-2.jpg

Trails at Swinley are great, leaving the car park you head out onto a BLUE which splits onto the RED half way round for a figure of 8 ride before being back at the car. Trails are well graded with the blue having a few ‘red like’ features making people with little ability stop and think before joining the RED route. The RED has good flow to it, twists and berms most the way around giving those core muscles a work out. With a few particular sections around the RED getting your wheels off the floor “IF” you want too. Trails are heavily tree covered with pine needles on a sandy floor gives this trail a very exciting surface if you wish to scrub around corners or drifting around berms.

The group consisted of 14 riders in total a very good turn out for a short planned event. It was great to participate in such a group size that made normal mountain bikers a little more aware to the eBikes, gaining custom for Martin with their curiosity.

The day had eBikers together with good weather ~ big smiles ~ but most importantly great people.


We want to thank Martin from the E-Bikeshop for inviting EMTB Coaching down to their Owners Club ride at Swinley Forest.