Ross Readman’s Haibike FullSeven Review at Cannock Chase

Tuesday 3rd March Alex met up at Cannock Chase with Ross Readman from Ross’s Rides on Facebook to Demo our Haibike Xduro FullSeven RC eBike. Ross is a very nice bloke with a work hard philosophy but he still was a little reluctant to throw a leg over the demo bike. Being open minded we got him to have a go and here is what he had to say.

“Hi peeps.  Just had a eBike demo session with Alex Smith from EMTB Coaching over on the Monkey trail at Cannock Chase. What an experience. I met up with Alex with thoughts of ‘oh god an eBike’ and ‘that’s cheating’. Alex was very professional and enthusiastic towards my safety and getting the demo eBike set up correctly. After explaining what we were going to do we headed off to the start of the trail. The smile on my face was huge, I anticipated the Haibike Xduro FullSeven RC to be quick in a straight line and an overall boring experience…. I couldn’t have been more wrong. The climbing and cornering is seriously enhanced by the pedal assist, flat sections and climbs are faster, harder due to constantly picking line choice and keeping the bike pointing in the right direction, causing me to have a serious workout. All of this has made the ride to be really enjoyable. EMTB Coaching have a 120mm full suspension eBike for anyone to demo around the Chase or Malvern Hills and I know you will be surprised as to how good Alex and the eBikes are. So I will end by saying a big thank you to Alex Smith and EMTB Coaching for delivering this great service. I think I am hooked after just one ride, i’m still smiling now. Anyway enough of me going on if anyone wants to try this out get intouch with EMTB Coaching”


Kind words from Ross, and we thank you for being a great customer. Always a pleasure to meet open minded people with good personalities. We may even see Ross over Cannock Chase on a Haibike Xduro FullSeven in the future the way he’s talking.

Demo Session – Malvern Hills – Adam Pitt


Thurday 26th February 2015 EMTB coaching had a Demo eBike Session with Adam Pitt at Malvern Hills. Adam had a demo ride a few weeks ago on one of our eBike Master Class Courses and he loved it. So much so that he decided he wanted to have another ride at another location with different challenges, Malvern Hills at night was what he chose.haibike-xduro-fullseven-full-suspension-27.5-wheels-bosch-ebike-emtb-mountain-bike-rockshox-fox-adrenalinatv-emtbcoaching-coaching-hire-demo-bike.jpg (10) haibike-xduro-fullseven-full-suspension-27.5-wheels-bosch-ebike-emtb-mountain-bike-rockshox-fox-adrenalinatv-emtbcoaching-coaching-hire-demo-bike.jpg

The Malvern’s have a lot of potential routes to choose from but we decided to do a figure of 8 around the top so that we reached the top twice. This decision was made from Adam after he told us what he wanted to achieve.

First things first we set our Haibike Xduro FullSeven RC to fit Adam before we set off. Getting the suspension sag settings and rebound to what he was asking for was priority followed by fitting his pedals and light to the bike. After telling him our planned route and safety guidance we got kitted up and van locked we headed up the North paths of the Worcester Beacon. Reaching the summit in just under 9 minuets was quite an achievement and we were giggling at the top as we were chatting all the way up.EMTB-coaching-ebike-demo-hire-session-malvern-hills-adam-haibike-fullseven-rc-bosch-xduro-Worcester-beacon.jpg

EMTB-coaching-ebike-demo-hire-session-malvern-hills-adam-haibike-fullseven-rc-bosch-xduro-Worcester-beacon.jpg 2

We took in the views as it was extremely clear, we could see all around the area with good visibility. After taking a few pictures we set off down off the top linking a few challenging decent, some were very rocky and others were very wet grass allowing the wheels to slide out with lack of grip. Good fun!

EMTB-coaching-ebike-demo-hire-session-malvern-hills-adam-haibike-fullseven-rc-bosch-xduro-Worcester-beacon.jpg 1

Doing a full loop back to the Worcester Beacon we headed back the same route that we climbed getting back to the van reaching speeds of 30+ mph down a fire road, an excellent evenings ride and a very happy Adam Pitt who was upon our Haibike Xduro FullSeven RC at Malvern Hills for EMTB coaching’s Demo eBike Session.


21st February 2015, Guided ride.

Our latest guided ride was on the 21st February 2015 and was held around Cannock Chase where we had 5 eBikers and their eBikes. We had a lovely gentle ride around the Blue route which we did in a very respectable amount of time, with an average speed of 12mph. Everyone had a great time being social talking to each other on all the climbs and through the boggy mud trails when we found some. We were all having a good time that I forgot to take any pictures of us, however I did manage to grab this one while riding.

Guided ride 21stfeb -ebike-training-coaching-emtb-haibike-bosch-yamaha-drive-unit-instructors-ebikearmy.jpeg (5)         Guided ride 21stfeb -ebike-training-coaching-emtb-haibike-bosch-yamaha-drive-unit-instructors-ebikearmy.jpeg (6)

We hope to see you on our next one on the 18th of April.

The London Bike Show and riding with Greg Falski a factory Haibike rider.


EMTB coaching went to The London Bike Show Friday 13th to meet Haibike UK and ride with Greg Falski who is a sponsored rider for Haibike. Our full fun packed day was very exciting to meet a lot of eBike enthusiasts along with manufacturers and ambassadors of the sport.

The-london-bike-show-ebike-greg-falski-haibike-uk-emtb-ebike-electric-mountainbike-2015.jpg (8)  

An early 4am start to the day was not welcomed lightly but up we got and our days adventure was starting. Collecting Dave and Nathan was first before heading down the motorway towards London aiming for the ExCel centre. We got there in good time considering the time of arrival into London district where the morning commuters were present on the roads. All three of our belly’s were rumbling for breakfast so the food joints were welcomed upon entering ExCel, waiting in a que for the counter we were in front of Steve Peat and Josh Bryceland both world cup winners in the UCI downhill series and world champions within their discipline. We organised to meet up with them within the show as they were in a rush to get there on time. Here is me and Dave with Steve and Josh.

Once we had finished our chat we located the Haibike stand where we were to meet the guys behind HaibikeUK to discuss ideas along with future plans for both our business. We are aiming to do a film in North Wales to be shown in every Haibike store in the UK. We are very excited about this opportunity and good times ahead of us.

We left the show and met up with Greg and his camera crew in a hotel car park near Epping forest in North London, cameras were attached to our bikes to follow Greg around and get as much footage as possible for his new film that is being released soon. The ride continued for 14 miles in total with very wet conditions on the ground and falling from the sky mostly during the ride. The terrain was very sloppy making it very difficult to steer in any direction other than forwards. A real testimonial to the eBikes was this mud bath section where any conventional bike would have been stuck, even fat bikes would have struggled more than the eBikes, this did give us a huge eye opener to the capabilities of the Bosch and Yamaha drive systems.

We finished our day with Greg and spent an hour cleaning before the bikes or kit could get in the van they were that dirty, the pictures will really tell the story. Heading home took a while due to it being a Friday evening out of London.

The-london-bike-show-ebike-greg-falski-haibike-uk-emtb-steve-pete-syndicate-rat-boy-josh-brycland-ebike-electric-mountainbike-2015.jpg (12)  The-london-bike-show-ebike-greg-falski-haibike-uk-emtb-steve-pete-syndicate-rat-boy-josh-brycland-ebike-electric-mountainbike-2015.jpg (11) The-london-bike-show-ebike-greg-falski-haibike-uk-emtb-steve-pete-syndicate-rat-boy-josh-brycland-ebike-electric-mountainbike-2015.jpg (10)
The-london-bike-show-ebike-greg-falski-haibike-uk-emtb-steve-pete-syndicate-rat-boy-josh-brycland-ebike-electric-mountainbike-2015.jpg (13)

Would like to thank Haibike at the London bike show and

Greg Falski for spending time with EMTB coaching!

The-london-bike-show-ebike-greg-falski-haibike-uk-emtb-ebike-electric-mountainbike-2015.jpg (11)

Personalising the Haibike Nduro Pro eBike


Alex has decided to start personalising his Haibike Nduro Pro eBike so its stands out some what more than others.

He has ordered some Slik graphics decals for his forks to make them stand out a little more than the standard lower legs on his Fox 36 Vans.

Not only has his Fox forks been modified internally but now the outside decals have been altered with custom graphics by the Swiss printing company. Check the pics bellow for the finished product.


fox-racing-shox-emtb-coaching-yellow-fork-decals-haibike-nduro-pro-ebike-ebikearmy1   fox-racing-shox-emtb-coaching-yellow-fork-decals-haibike-nduro-pro-ebike-ebikearmy2   fox-racing-shox-emtb-coaching-yellow-fork-decals-haibike-nduro-pro-ebike-ebikearmy3

Now they match the Mavic Crossmax Enduro Wheelset setting the bike off nicely.

So there you have it, Fox 36 forks with fresh new decals making his personalised eBike a little more special.