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Ladies specific eBike has now been added to our fleet of demo eBikes.

Haibike Hardlife SL 2016, this 35cm frame is the smallest framed eBike Haibike produced for adults. It utilises a Yamaha mid drive motor with a 400wh battery which delivers a nice power output giving the rider a smooth easy feel. Designed for women is has a low top tube close to the battery offering a low saddle hight, easy to use system and clear display makes this bike perfect for the hard mountain biker or a family fueled day out. Our bike also has a frame tape to protect the bike, a battery cover to keep it warm and a front mud guard to keep your face looking pretty during the ride.

Our demo eBike mountain bike is a 2015 Haibike Sduro AllMTN RX for you to experience. The bike is a 150mm full suspension eBike powered by Yamaha’s finest drive unit and largest power pack, this demo experience will give you every answer you need to know with eBiking. Using our service you will be upon this eBike for 3 hours and with a EMTB coaching guide for the time.

At EMTB mountain bike coaching we are helping the eBikers community grow in the UK. We are managing this growth by giving people the freedom to Demo a Mountain eBike around off-road terrain along with guidance and assistance throughout a 3 hour period around Cannock Chase or the Malvern Hills, you can also request any other location.

To do this we are giving you the option to ride on a full suspension Haibike Bosch Electric Assist Mountain Bike, with us supporting you on your 3 hour journey. You chose the experience with regards of terrain, will it be Midlands finest forest Cannock Chase or maybe you fancy some climbing up and down Malvern Hills with a total climb of 425 meters so no small hill here! Both options have climbing, descending and some technical terrain if this is what is requested. You can request us to come to your local trail just get in touch.

You will be blown away with how any of the venues become more accessible and enjoyable. The eBike will give you the best 3 hours riding experience seeing three times as much than on a conventional bike, riding three times further but most importantly enjoying the experience three times as much.


We are certain that it will put a smile on your face!

The 3 Hour supported demo experience is £50 at Cannock Chase, travel pricing added for other venues

This service can be provided weekdays – evenings – weekends

Please BOOK NOW – we can then organise a specific date and time once payment is confirmed. 

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by Chris Ellis on Demo Experience
Demo Cannock Chase

I'm a cardiac physiologist and very keen mountain biker. I've never been interested in ebikes but following a forum discussion I decided to see what all the hype was about.I was skeptical about claims made by Alex about ebikes and fitness. Alex assured me that riding ebikes kept him as fit as a regular bike. Defining "fitness" is difficult because it is multifactorial. For the purpose of this review I'm talking about cardiac fitness. I decided to perform a simple experiment and record my cardiac activity while riding an ebike then again with my own bike over the same trial. I predicted that my maximal and average heart rate would be significantly lower on the ebike compared to my conventional bike. The results surprised me! There was no statistically significant difference in my heart rate between the two bikes. In fact my average and maximal heart rate was slightly higher on the ebike! I'm not going to discuss the physiology behind this but the ebike worked by body in a different format. My arms and core body muscles were working harder on the ebike due to the frequency and velocity of the constantly changing trail. An ebike will assist you but it doesn't mean you have to limit what you put in. I still rode hard on the climbs, just completed them quicker. Ok maybe my legs weren't burning as much on a conventional bike.Anyway that's enough about the fitness. I really enjoyed the ebike experience, a lot more than I expected. I don't enjoy the pain of long steep climbs, that's why I mostly ride downhill uplifts. The ebike lets you climb like a mountain goat and blaze the trails. The bike felt no different on the downhills, It jumped and dropped very predictably with great weight distribution. The main benefit is the speed you can carry through flat and uphill technical sections. It makes a whole trail feel like one long downhill.Every mountain biker needs to experience this!Chris.

by Paul Rea on Demo Experience
Demo Cannock and Llandegla

I have just had the best lap of Cannock ever thanks to EMTB, booked a demo session on the Haibike and I am converted!If you are thinking of taking the electric plunge, just book a session and make up your own mind...thoroughly recommended, many thanks

by Simon Bentley on Demo Experience
Demo at Cannock Chase

Great day out, Learned a great deal about the bikes and had lots of fun, would recommend. Now to find an eBike for me.

by Adam Pitt on Demo Experience
Demo at Malvern Hills

Coming from a “conventional” mountain biking background I have always enjoyed / endured the pain of the ups for the pleasure of the downs. For many years I rode xc on a competitive level and in the last few years I have started to enjoy the gravity side of the sport, however my recent Haibike experience may have changed that for ever. My first eBike / Haibike experience was at Cannock Chase on a Haibike Sduro HardSeven RC with EMTB coaching, which coming from the xc background was for me the most logical point to start from. Although the blue route at Cannock Chase was not the most technical or challenging course I have ever ridden it immediately opened my eyes to the what could be the future of our sport. Following this ride I contacted Alex Smith and asked if it would be possible to Demo the Haibike FullSeven RC at a venue that could show me the full potential of the bike and Alex suggested we try the Malvern Hills. Due to a pretty full diary I could only manage one evening in the week and EMTB coaching did not hesitate in saying ” yes, no problems”. On arrival in the car park I met Alex and he took the time to set up the bike to my specifications and after a short but comprehensive briefing we started on our ride. The route we took started on a route known locally as “KILLER”, a more apt name I could not imagine. This is where the Haibike started to come into its own and make perfect sense, where as normally I would be wrestling the demons in my lungs and head on a demanding climb however I enjoyed a conversation with Alex who was telling me all about eBikes and the Haibike UK range and before I knew it we were approaching the Worcester Beacon at the very top of the Malvern hills. From here Alex took me on an amazing tour of the Malverns taking in some epic descents and some pretty harsh climbs. It was at the bottom of one of these climbs that Alex asked me to select the “Turbo” setting on the Bosch drive system. I can honestly say that on my own bike I would have been walking after 100 yards, but on the Xduro FullSeven RC in very wet and muddy conditions this long and technical climb was nothing short of enjoyable. The Bosch drive unit was flawless in its delivery of measured and constant power. After just short of an hours riding time we returned to the car, this may not seem like a lot but considering what we had ridden I was amazed with how “fresh” I felt and please don’t think for one moment that the bike did all the work, I had enjoyed a proper workout. For anyone who wants to experience an undiluted and totally honest eBike experience I wouldn’t hesitate to suggest contacting EMTB coaching, it may just be the best money you have ever spent!!!!!!!!

by Ross Readman on Demo Experience
Demo at Cannock Chase

Hi peeps. Just had a eBike demo session with Alex Smith from EMTB Coaching over on the Monkey trail at Cannock Chase. What an experience. I met up with Alex with thoughts of ‘oh god an eBike’ and ‘that’s cheating’. Alex was very professional and enthusiastic towards my safety and getting the demo eBike set up correctly. After explaining what we were going to do we headed off to the start of the trail. The smile on my face was huge, I anticipated the Haibike Xduro FullSeven RC to be quick in a straight line and an overall boring experience…. I couldn’t have been more wrong. The climbing and cornering is seriously enhanced by the pedal assist, flat sections and climbs are faster, harder due to constantly picking line choice and keeping the bike pointing in the right direction, causing me to have a serious workout. All of this has made the ride to be really enjoyable. EMTB Coaching have a 120mm full suspension eBike for anyone to demo around the Chase or Malvern Hills and I know you will be surprised as to how good Alex and the eBikes are. So I will end by saying a big thank you to Alex Smith and EMTB Coaching for delivering this great service. I think I am hooked after just one ride, i’m still smiling now. Anyway enough of me going on if anyone wants to try this out get intouch with EMTB Coaching

by Ryan Amos on Demo Experience
Demo at Cannock Chase and Swinley Forest

For the last two weekends I have had the pleasure of demoing two radically different styles of e-bike alongside Alex from EMTB Coaching. All I can say is ‘wow’! Firstly I was fortunate enough to get my hands on among one of the flagship models in the Haibike range, the Xduro Nduro Pro. Taking this for a spin around Cannock Chase in the Midlands was nothing short of mind boggling. Coming from a background in the Armed Forces, hard work on the hills is something I relish and I was wary of what some may consider ‘cheating’. All these thoughts were dispelled when I realised that not only was I still getting a considerable workout but I was also having to concentrate on taking a good line and being in a better position on the bike uphill! As an experienced rider it was a whole new sensation and thankfully Alex was on hand giving me pointers the whole way.The Nduro Pro really came into its own on the descents. Whilst the pedal assistance does not have much of an impact, the geometry of the bike felt just right and the added weight of the battery and motor made me feel planted and more confident than I have ever been before.This past weekend Alex took me to Swinley Forest in Bracknell. Here I rode the Haibike Xduro FullSeven RC. This eBike was a lot closer to my normal ride and it was simply superb for the location. It was a lot lighter and faster than my experience last week. I truly could not wipe the biggest, cheesiest grin off my face the entire day. (Unlike the unfortunate young lady that had a nasty off, to whom Alex stopped and administered first aid!)The experience these eBikes can give is second to none. I am truly a convert and after demoing both I’ve decided to go for an Xduro All Mountain RX.I’d just like to say a massive thank you to the guys at EMTB Coaching. Keep doing what you’re doing!

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