EMTB with One Industries Mini Enduro at Forest of Dean

EMTB with One Industries Mini Enduro at Forest of Dean

One Industries Mini Enduro was held at Forest of Dean on April 2015 with an EMTB category so we decided to attend and it was a first ever for Alex.

We took Rob Glover an EMTB Coaching sponsored rider to hold Alex’s hand for his first ever race and it was a pretty exciting one due to the brilliant weather, dry trails and amazing people from stewards, racers and spectators.

We met up with Rich from Haibike Uk in the morning who was helping Rob out with a choice of demo eBikes, either a Haibike Nduro Pro or a Haibike AllMtn RC which both eBikes run the Xduro (Bosch) drive system, both very well spec’d. Rob of course had to test both around the trails to make sure which one he wanted to use. 10 runs later he decided on the Nduro Pro for the extra 30mm of travel.

EMTB-Coaching-flag-haibike-bosch-xduro-sduro-enduro-mini-fod-forest-of-dean-ebikes-ebike-event-fitness-fun-social-uk.1.jpg (34)  EMTB-Coaching-flag-haibike-bosch-xduro-sduro-enduro-mini-fod-forest-of-dean-ebikes-ebike-event-fitness-fun-social-uk.1.jpg (21)

With Rob equipt and settled with his new eBike for the day Alex and Rob headed out of the car park with an hour to go before practice came to a close. They both returned back to the car park with massive grins on their faces due to the eBikes allowing them to practice all four race runs including climbing back to the top each time within the hour. After a short pit stop for a coffee and cake they headed back to the top to join the back end of the race with the other five eBikers.

Here is what Alex had to say about his experience; its quite exciting standing on the start line for the first time knowing you want to prove yourself. Heart rate increases – palms become sweaty – looking down the trail trying to remember the trail then all of a sudden 20 seconds have past before the rider before you has gone and beep beep beep beep go go go… all hell brakes loose and your off in TURBO mode propelling yourself down a steep trail on an off camber hill side through tight trees with exposed roots, loose fine dirt giving way under your tyres making things a little more exciting. Trying to ride fast and smooth is the key here I keep telling myself while digging inside my head for the memory of the route and lines I had chosen while doing the practice runs… so I end up riding blind and messing up a few times but no crashes and I finally plop out on to the fire road at the bottom of the first section. Phew! One over and three more to go.

Now with an eBike you soon realise that yourself and the 6 other eBikers are zooming your way through the conventional traffic and reach the beginning of the next check point with about 30 riders waiting to get called up to throw them selves into the steep once more…. moments go by and the eBikers are up.. beep.. beep.. beep and the buzz is back! Off I go. Sections two and three go great, three was a little longer than the others joining several trails together to get to the bottom of FoD and meeting up with the lads for some more banter. We all go off to the next section together again over taking a lot of conventional riders up the hill who are pushing their bikes talking to each other while we are sitting at 10mph+ all having a giggle at riders pushing shouting out to us (thats cheating) with a gentle tone just reminding them they are currently walking. A lot of interest was had in the eBikes as we kept getting to the top of the sections high on life giving each other banter while others are sitting down slurping on energy gels and bars. Once the ‘pushers’ catch us up they approach asking that vital question… can I have a go… of course you can and off they go with that familiar smile and heckle of laughter.

Section four, the last rider at the top…. beep beep beep … off I go racing the clock and I aim to try my hardest on this run! I’m taking the lines that I can remember and pedalling like mad to get to the bottom, a very fast decent this time straight lines through the trees with a few little climbs to break the decent up, I hit a root that launches me out onto the fire road at the bottom into the group of eBikers,,, doing a small stoppie under braking to avoid hitting anyone, I feel ecstatic and exhausted now after giving it my all.

Pleased it’s over and I’m in one piece after my first ever mountain bike race. We group up and head back to the car, changed, bikes sorted, times collected…. to find out that root on stage four had boosted me over the finish matt giving me a DNF (did not finish) so I didn’t get a place, I was annoyed as I was sitting in fourth place to the last section. Well I thoroughly enjoyed myself and want to do more. I hope to get other eBikers interested in joining me in the future as its a fantastic event with lots of laughs.


Alex made it clear he had a great time and Rob came in fourth place with a crash off the course and a few minor hick ups but went home upset that Rich from Haibike would not let him have the Nduro Pro. Please enjoy some pictures of the One Industries Mini Enduro at Forest of Dean which was amazing fun for the EMTB Coaching Team. 

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