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North Wales Adventure Holiday


“Amazing, beautiful and adventurous!” Few words from what our customers had to say about the latest venture to North Wales on eBikes.


Snowdonia was the perfect setting for our latest EMTB Holiday experience, 16 people all came together from different parts of the world to share the same interest, electric mountain bikes. We stayed in Betws Y Coed a central location in Snowdonia National Park, allowing us to explore with easy travel times.

The spa hotel was the best accommodation to date, offering private lodges in a natural setting away from the hotel facilities. Food was gorgeous throughout the day and we only went out for lunch once to the local fish and chippy.

Our riding started with a recce trip up Snowdon with our new friend from Spain, Ferran. A true gentle man and funny character who fell right into the holiday spirit when we picked him up from Birmingham airport. Ferran runs a EMTB magazine, forum and online store in Spain. We invited him over to collaborate together for future events, so you may be meeting Ferran in due time. Snowdon was a success with crystal clear sky’s and no wind giving our Spanish comrade the best views and conditions.

Coed Y Brenin, large skills area, great cafe and trails for all is where the holiday started for the group. Progression for all was impressive and they all showed alot of development, so we skipped the planned blue route and went around the red.

Llandegla our second point of call gave the team a new experience for a faster pace trail with smaller features, increasing the smiles for all. A few little falls proving they were trying made the day a little more exciting.

Back early from Llandegla we put our batteries on charge and went for fish and chips, at 5pm we headed out to Snowdon. The weather was a little over cast in areas but still warm with sun. The accent put the frighteners into a few of them but persisted on. Our aim was to reach half way house and return safely! Arriving at our destination gave us and the team a huge feeling of satisfaction. Heading back down was a challenging experience for most as they were anxious of what they had just climbed up, stopping them at the bottom of the worst section and watching their new skills allow them to ride down uneven terrain that most struggle to walk brought a smile to our faces ‘job done’. Asking them to look back up what they had ridden they all couldn’t believe it. A great achievement to all that made it.

Marin trail was the finale for the group, we had the brightest of sky’s and smiles. Instructions for the group were simple, follow us and enjoy your new skills. They really had come on leaps and bounds in such a short time period. Riding the Marin trail does take some time and it wasn’t long enough they all wanted more once we got back to the vans.

All the riding completed we set off to the Caverns experience, an underground play area for adults. Harnesses on, hardhats on and gloves at the ready. The caverns are decommissioned slate mines where adrenaline junkies have turned them into an exploration experience using zip lines, rock climbing and rope bridges 70ft from the cavern floor. Bringing this perfect holiday to an end.

Thank you to all that attended and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Video courtesy of Ferran our new Spanish associate, check his post out at E-MTB.ES.


North Wales Spa eBike Adventure Weekend

North Wales Spa eBike Adventure Holiday

April 2016 will be the next pedelec holiday this time in Betws Y Coed. Being one of our favourite place in the world this holiday is going to be the best one yet for sure. This famous venue is going to get your blood pumping with riding like never before, having a good mix of varied trails, natural riding, spa lodge and an adventure package thrown in for good measure. The lodge is a bed and breakfast set up with the spa, gym, bar and restaurant access, one evening meal will be on us. The restaurant caters for all dietaries.

  • April 21st will be the start setting off at Coed Y Brenin skills area before heading around the Blue route which is fast and flowing making everyone smile from ear to ear. Checking into the lodge in the evening we will be eager to be in the Jacuzzi, steam room, sauna or pool before dinner.
  • Friday morning after breakfast we will head out to either local trail called Penmachno or Marin trail for a steady ride around taking in the scenery that will make your jaw hit the floor. A nice lunch and battery charge while chilling out to the mid afternoon. We will be doing a introduction to Mt Snowdon on Friday evening, we wont be aiming to reach the summit just get to half way and head back down. This eye opener will get your taste buds going for the top, all in good time though. (if all the stars line up and people are happy we may try for summit)
  • Saturday will be a drive out to another personal favourite trail called Llandegla forest near Wrexham. This trail is a private forest and is maintained to the highest order giving you all a fun exciting trail that everyone is capable doing. Burgers are MASSIVE and renowned so one will be in order before heading back to the lodge.
  • Sunday will be departing day for people to make there way home as we are aware its a long journey for some.

Either Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning will be a pre booked adventure at Antur Stiniog where we will be going trampolining under ground in a cavern twice the size of St Pauls Cathedral. This will be an optional extra for people to take part or not, having done it already you can pick Alex’s brain to ask questions before making the decision.

Hayley who is Alex’s partner will be organising some Ladies days for any partners who will be staying for the weekend.

  • short scenic walks
  • Spa treatment’s
  • Shopping
  • Ladies lunch

These events will be subject to who comes and it will be to suit everyone, nothing is compulsory.

If your interested in bringing your partners for the spa hotel, surrounding scenery walks or drives, shopping or adventure activities a additional charge will be occurred. A non refundable deposit of £50 will be required if not paying in full.

Limited to 8 participants.

April 21st  –  24th 2016

Twin room based on sharing                                    £365

Double room single participant                               £437

Double room, single participant and partner       £525


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Average rating:  
 1 reviews
by Martin Brown on EMTB Holiday
Holidays, One2One and group courses

Having had first had riding experience with Alex and the eMTB coaching team, we can say the offerings here are excellent in both new riding techniques & refining existing skill sets.After both one-to-one, eBike holidays & group sessions run with our customers we can confirm they are a great bunch of guys to deal with and everyone comes away buzzing after each session.The UK's first eMTB coaching team has set a bar that cannot be contended with, keep up the great work Alex and look forward to riding with you again soon.


Mini Break South Wales

Mini Break in South Wales was a wet and windy success. We had a variety of guests from ability to age all enjoying the same thing – eBiking. We started on the Friday morning by meeting up for an advanced coaching session, this included pumping features, railing berms, line choice and intro to jumps. All the riders progressed through the session gaining more confidence with every run. The weather wasn’t brilliant with horizontal rain for the whole two days but in Wales its to be expected.

Back at the Hotel we all took the same route – check in, throw wet kit out to dry and head to the spa. The pool was a good size allowing us to stretch out and relax, the sauna and steam room was luxurious but the Jacuzzi was the best feature for the body after the days riding. Food in the restaurant in the hotel was excellent, everyone enjoyed their meals and had to retreat to the lounge for it to digest.

Saturday morning and we headed off to a local riding spot called Bike Park Wales. A short drive from the hotel and we arrived in the most open area for car parking to allow the rain to enter the vans to ensure we got wet before our clothes went on. All smiles though, off we went up the Beast of Burden in a time of 13mins. A mighty climb for some of the eBikers as they had not experienced this sort of terrain. At the top we set off down Sixta Pod leading into Willy Waver both fast flowy blue runs, back to the top and we rode the new blue line called Terry’s Belly which is the longest blue down hill run in the UK. All smiles and arm pump for some we went back to the top to do the same run again. The group was having such a great time here but the rain had got to our boxers so we hit the road back to the hotel for the spa to warm up.

Spa was welcomed with open arms once the kit had been sorted. Some of our Lady friends had stayed at the hotel in the day for some beauty treatments while we got down and dirty in the mountains. All back together on the evening we sat down for our last meal and laughed the evening through.

We had a brilliant time with the group, thank you all for coming.

EMTB Coaching Team.



Spain November Trip


EMTB Coaching’s trip to Spain in November 2015 was as successful as we could have hoped for, our mission was to find out whats to offer for our customers.

Friday morning Alex (me) met Nathan at Birmingham airport with our bikes packed and kit in hand. A few little teething issues slapped us in the face straight away making us think on our feet from the off. Problem solving is my forte and the plan sorted our issues. Time was flying past us as if we were people watching in the airport, boarded the plane and off we set down the run way leaving cloudy Birmingham. The landing in Spain was smooth and our luggage was first out on the conveyor belt with the Evoc bike bags. Transfer to our hire car was prompt, car was clean as a whistle and the Sun had just gone down. An hour and a little bit on the smoothest yet emptiest roads made the journey easy arriving fresh at the villa. We cracked open the beers and got the bikes built, batteries charged and went for dinner down the sea front.

Saturday we got up around 10am realising the black out blinds did what they were intended for, falling over for the light switch was a laugh. Our villa was open plan with plenty of room for 8 people with lots of kit, it featured a pool and Jacuzzi outside in front of a coastal view. The local town was great for food and socailising with locals and holiday makers. Dressed – food – car loaded we set off for the Mountains. Easy travelling from place to place allowed the exploration on the eBikes a dream. Our first trail was long and open for the initial ride to the top and close trees, dusty trails and plenty of rock scattered terrain got the thrills out the bag straight away. The whole first days experience was excellent and we both was revved ready for what else we would find.EMTB-coaching-spain-holiday-ebike-pedelec-haibike-cube-lappiere-trek-giant-scott-uk-social-riding2

Sunday morning the phone alarm went off at 6am for a full day ahead of us. Our research led us too a Spanish Bike Park which we didn’t for one minute think it would be as big as it was! There was about 6 uplift trucks with trailers – all of them was ex military vehicles battered with large knobbly tyres for grip on the dusty tracks.  We decided to use the uplift after looking at the map where it said the top was 1200m and this is always the best way to recce the tracks with other riders. The truck we got put with was a group of local friends who worked at the park, this was the best news for us. The lads had never seen an EMTB before, we got ready for the abuse… there was none… they all wanted to have a go to understand it, Nathan put them on his and instantly the whole normal response was displayed to the other riders. Question after question while we bounced around in the tail of the pick up trucks, arriving at the summit of this centre was insane. The cloud was inverted in the valley with no cloud above any where, temperature was 22 degrees. Pedro took it upon him self to check our tyre pressures and guided us down the “easiest” run, I had arm pump just as I rolled into the pick up point at the bottom. The lads from our truck really looked after us well, showing us around the park and taking us down some naughty out of bounds trails. We ended up going down a trail that was basically a water gully in a valley where they had made drops, jumps and quite a few wooden sections like a spiral ladder followed by a wall ride. Our time at the bike park was hard going but very rewarding with great people to hang out with showing us around.

Monday the black out blinds struck again…. we needed it from the bike park, Nathan was already up when I ran out my room and into the pool, that woke me up. The day was going to be another adventure this time heading to a national park to free ride around the mountains. Peaking at 1400 meters the climbs from the car was tough but very picturesque right from the off. Neither me or Nathan had been in weather like it in November, knowing the weather was raining and windy back home sort of made our time in the winter sun even more enjoyable. Once we got to the summit of the area the view was breath taking looking all the way around at other Mountains with around 4 other ranges in the back drop, the ocean and lots of tree lined trails bellow us, I for one wont forget that view. Traversing along the tops of the mountains was easy and fun, not having to be too switched on the riding was peaceful but very beautiful. Near the tops of the mountains were some old historical buildings which were land marks in the national park, round small hobbit looking buildings at the surface, one or two had viewing platforms to look inside, at least 50ft drop down to the floor was not what we was expecting. They used to use these for crops which was grown through the winter and utilsed in the summer months while temperature was too high to grow anything. We rode for around 5 hours before ending back at the car where the disappointment phase hit us,,, home tomorrow. Back at the villa we got the bikes packed up and our luggage ready to head home.

Tuesdays alarm went off at 9am for a relaxed flight home mid day, dragging our feet as neither of us was ready to head back. Getting into the airport after sorting the hire car and villa was a relief due to the air conditioning and Starbucks. We went into the news agents for a magazine to find the first edition Spanish eBike Mag, what a coincidence. The flight home was quick and hassle free, landing in Birmingham was good although neither of us had thought about the weather back home so our coats were in our hold luggage. Bags collected – coats on – taxi’s waiting and off we departed. Our EMTB Coaching’s trip to Spain was a huge success and our holiday package will be advertised once the final details have been ironed out.

Basic details for our Spanish trip will be in March 2016 for a long weekend, 3 days riding in weather that will be the same or very similar to our experience. We will have a maximum of 4 places for the trip with the view to repeating the trip regularly along with other locations moving forward. The riding for this trip will be aimed at an advanced rider who has completed pro skills level 1 minimum or Private tuition to a suitable level. Please get in touch for any questions.



Scotland Holiday – UK’s first eBike holiday – September 2015

Scotland-eBike-Holiday-EMTB-Haibike-Cube-Trek-Bosch-Yamaha-Peebles-Glentress-Innerleithen-Training-MTB-electric-biking.jpg (9)

EMTB Coaching took 10 customers to Scotland for the UK’s first eBike holiday. Our four day trip was very nerve racking to begin with but soon realisation kicked in to how well it was going to be. We had 14 riders in total, across 2 trail centres with 2 coaching sessions and two epic rides. Lots of socialising with different abilities and ages made this holiday an experience we will never forget. Check out our blog on the in’s and out’s by using the link below.

Full details click here SCOTLAND BLOG

We are off to Spain next for a recce on where and what we can offer for the next eBike holiday. Get intouch for more info.


North Wales – Snowdon and Coed Y Brenin September 2015

We took a small group of friends to Snowdonia in North Wales for a guiding holiday. The trip went very well with group success in completing the second tallest Mountain in Britian Mt Snowdon standing tall at 1085 meters. Well done chaps!



Scotland Holiday – May 2015

We at EMTB Coaching want to create the ultimate eBiking holiday experiences with anyone and everyone who has access to an eBike. Using our holiday service all you need to do is book then turn up and follow us. Our aim is to give you a prepared and catered holiday guiding you around areas that will amaze you at every turn while ensuring your safety to enhance your journey. During the holiday experience we want to film and capture your adventures with us to create videos and slide shows that you can purchase to share your experiences with partners, friends and family once edited. You will not have to think about anything other than charging your batteries and what to eat. Riding will be slightly adapted to all abilities but please note the holidays do require a little experience before hand. Trail Techniques Level 2 is a Minimum unless we say other wise on a Level 1 or eBike Master Class course if asked.

Please enjoy our video from Scotland to give you an idea of what to expect.


Scotland, Friday 18th September – Monday 21st September 2015.

This holiday is going to involve the following – Arrive on the Friday late afternoon / evening. Saturday will see us at Glentress for skills coaching to adapt your riding to the area terrain. A spot of lunch with a quick charge of batteries before heading for a lap around the forest. Sunday will be breakfast and out to ride Innerleithen, lots to offer at this location it will be a test for most. Back to the hotel for lunch and to charge the batteries before going out to ride some natural trails around the area, if people are feeling up to it we can get the bike lights on and pop out for a little night ride for those who are keen. Monday will be departing the hotel after breakfast at 10am for a easy journey home with little traffic at that time.

The 4 star hotel provides us with a bike friendly base that offers great hospitality and comfortable surroundings in the heart of the village. With a drying room for kit, secure bike storage and bike wash we cant ask for anything better. Off road parking is at the rear of the building. Cooked Scottish breakfast is offered along side continental buffet. Free WIFI, bar and lounge are open to us all. Rooms are basic and comfortable, we have pre booked rooms to choose from.

Package deal for this guided holiday is £330.

Cancellations can be made up to 3 weeks before arrival date with a £25 admin charge.

We look forward to seeing you in September!

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Average rating:  
 1 reviews
by Martin Brown on EMTB Holiday
Holidays, One2One and group courses

Having had first had riding experience with Alex and the eMTB coaching team, we can say the offerings here are excellent in both new riding techniques & refining existing skill sets.After both one-to-one, eBike holidays & group sessions run with our customers we can confirm they are a great bunch of guys to deal with and everyone comes away buzzing after each session.The UK's first eMTB coaching team has set a bar that cannot be contended with, keep up the great work Alex and look forward to riding with you again soon.

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