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Do you want to be a Pedelec / eBike instructor?

EMTB Coaching have teamed up with MIAS to create a Pedelec / eBike qualification to ensure that eBikers are looked after in the same safe and professional manor that mountain bikers are.

A leaders responsibilities are to look after group members and the group as a whole, while caring for the general public, environment and other bikers. Abilities to identify the underlying aims, objectives and to define the specific purpose of the ride. Successfully carry out planning – consent, authority clearance, personal and medical information, emergency plans, costings and insurance before any organised ride. Plan routes, obtain access permission, weather forecasts and briefing the group. These set qualifications will train leaders to be competent at operating safely.

Completion of a MIAS Pedelec courses will make the leader eligible for ABCC Insurance (Association of British Cycling Coaches), ensuring the candidate is covered for Pedelec / eBike leadership.


Instructor Courses


PMBL 1 ~ Pedelec Mountain Bike Leader, level 1 ~ £250

This one day course is for taking pedal assisted bikes through Non Technical Terrain and Road Awareness. This course will ensure leaders are aware of pedelec etiquette and familiar with UK and European Law, also will be capable of group management upon roads and allowing access into low-level terrain. PMBL 1 can access areas with few potential hazards such as canal tow paths, country parks and non wilderness areas where help is almost immediately accessible include, also Blue route trails.



PMBL 2 ~ Pedelec Moutain Bike Leader, level 2 ~ £300

This two day course will follow on from level 1 increasing the hazards for Technical Terrain. Allowing access into open country, with potential hazards that surrounds such areas. Understanding areas and route planning for pedelecs, demonstrating pedelec skills, the leader will plan and guide within 20 minutes of pedelec assistance within a Red trail. PMBL 2 allows access upto 600 meters, lead groups of 6 through technical terrain including Red graded trails and open countryside.



Dealer Package ~ PMBL level 1 ~ £300

This dealer package includes a one day course to complete PMBL level 1, a generic risk assessment, disclaimer form for customers and a first aid form. The ABCC insurance will be included for the first year. A reoccurring annual fee of £100 for the MIAS and ABCC support. The dealer package is a three year scheme and will require a renewal.



Pedelec / eBike Bolt on course ~ £150

The pedelec bolt on course entitles any existing MIAS Leader the certification for leading Pedelec / eBikes within their current MBL award. Completing this half day bolt on course the individual will be covered on their current ABCC insurance, failure to update with this bolt on ABCC will not cover the individual for Pedelec / eBike / SPedelec’s.



Courses will be organised on a personal basis and open group courses may occur irregularly.

Course payment to be made before organising course dates.


Pedelec Course’s

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