Mini Break South Wales

Mini Break South Wales

Mini Break in South Wales was a wet and windy success. We had a variety of guests from ability to age all enjoying the same thing – eBiking. We started on the Friday morning by meeting up for an advanced coaching session, this included pumping features, railing berms, line choice and intro to jumps. All the riders progressed through the session gaining more confidence with every run. The weather wasn’t brilliant with horizontal rain for the whole two days but in Wales its to be expected.

Back at the Hotel we all took the same route – check in, throw wet kit out to dry and head to the spa. The pool was a good size allowing us to stretch out and relax, the sauna and steam room was luxurious but the Jacuzzi was the best feature for the body after the days riding. Food in the restaurant in the hotel was excellent, everyone enjoyed their meals and had to retreat to the lounge for it to digest.

Saturday morning and we headed off to a local riding spot called Bike Park Wales. A short drive from the hotel and we arrived in the most open area for car parking to allow the rain to enter the vans to ensure we got wet before our clothes went on. All smiles though, off we went up the Beast of Burden in a time of 13mins. A mighty climb for some of the eBikers as they had not experienced this sort of terrain. At the top we set off down Sixta Pod leading into Willy Waver both fast flowy blue runs, back to the top and we rode the new blue line called Terry’s Belly which is the longest blue down hill run in the UK. All smiles and arm pump for some we went back to the top to do the same run again. The group was having such a great time here but the rain had got to our boxers so we hit the road back to the hotel for the spa to warm up.

Spa was welcomed with open arms once the kit had been sorted. Some of our Lady friends had stayed at the hotel in the day for some beauty treatments while we got down and dirty in the mountains. All back together on the evening we sat down for our last meal and laughed the evening through.

We had a brilliant time with the group, thank you all for coming.

EMTB Coaching Team.


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