Spain November 2015

EMTB Coaching’s trip to Spain November 2015 


EMTB Coaching’s trip to Spain in November 2015 was as successful as we could have hoped for, our mission was to find out whats to offer for our customers.

Friday morning Alex (me) met Nathan at Birmingham airport with our bikes packed and kit in hand. A few little teething issues slapped us in the face straight away making us think on our feet from the off. Problem solving is my forte and the plan sorted our issues. Time was flying past us as if we were people watching in the airport, boarded the plane and off we set down the run way leaving cloudy Birmingham. The landing in Spain was smooth and our luggage was first out on the conveyor belt with the Evoc bike bags. Transfer to our hire car was prompt, car was clean as a whistle and the Sun had just gone down. An hour and a little bit on the smoothest yet emptiest roads made the journey easy arriving fresh at the villa. We cracked open the beers and got the bikes built, batteries charged and went for dinner down the sea front.

Saturday we got up around 10am realising the black out blinds did what they were intended for, falling over for the light switch was a laugh. Our villa was open plan with plenty of room for 8 people with lots of kit, it featured a pool and Jacuzzi outside in front of a coastal view. The local town was great for food and socailising with locals and holiday makers. Dressed – food – car loaded we set off for the Mountains. Easy travelling from place to place allowed the exploration on the eBikes a dream. Our first trail was long and open for the initial ride to the top and close trees, dusty trails and plenty of rock scattered terrain got the thrills out the bag straight away. The whole first days experience was excellent and we both was revved ready for what else we would find.EMTB-coaching-spain-holiday-ebike-pedelec-haibike-cube-lappiere-trek-giant-scott-uk-social-riding2

Sunday morning the phone alarm went off at 6am for a full day ahead of us. Our research led us too a Spanish Bike Park which we didn’t for one minute think it would be as big as it was! There was about 6 uplift trucks with trailers – all of them was ex military vehicles battered with large knobbly tyres for grip on the dusty tracks.  We decided to use the uplift after looking at the map where it said the top was 1200m and this is always the best way to recce the tracks with other riders. The truck we got put with was a group of local friends who worked at the park, this was the best news for us. The lads had never seen an EMTB before, we got ready for the abuse… there was none… they all wanted to have a go to understand it, Nathan put them on his and instantly the whole normal response was displayed to the other riders. Question after question while we bounced around in the tail of the pick up trucks, arriving at the summit of this centre was insane. The cloud was inverted in the valley with no cloud above any where, temperature was 22 degrees. Pedro took it upon him self to check our tyre pressures and guided us down the “easiest” run, I had arm pump just as I rolled into the pick up point at the bottom. The lads from our truck really looked after us well, showing us around the park and taking us down some naughty out of bounds trails. We ended up going down a trail that was basically a water gully in a valley where they had made drops, jumps and quite a few wooden sections like a spiral ladder followed by a wall ride. Our time at the bike park was hard going but very rewarding with great people to hang out with showing us around.


Monday the black out blinds struck again…. we needed it from the bike park, Nathan was already up when I ran out my room and into the pool, that woke me up. The day was going to be another adventure this time heading to a national park to free ride around the mountains. Peaking at 1400 meters the climbs from the car was tough but very picturesque right from the off. Neither me or Nathan had been in weather like it in November, knowing the weather was raining and windy back home sort of made our time in the winter sun even more enjoyable. Once we got to the summit of the area the view was breath taking looking all the way around at other Mountains with around 4 other ranges in the back drop, the ocean and lots of tree lined trails bellow us, I for one wont forget that view. Traversing along the tops of the mountains was easy and fun, not having to be too switched on the riding was peaceful but very beautiful. Near the tops of the mountains were some old historical buildings which were land marks in the national park, round small hobbit looking buildings at the surface, one or two had viewing platforms to look inside, at least 50ft drop down to the floor was not what we was expecting. They used to use these for crops which was grown through the winter and utilsed in the summer months while temperature was too high to grow anything. We rode for around 5 hours before ending back at the car where the disappointment phase hit us,,, home tomorrow. Back at the villa we got the bikes packed up and our luggage ready to head home.

Tuesdays alarm went off at 9am for a relaxed flight home mid day, dragging our feet as neither of us was ready to head back. Getting into the airport after sorting the hire car and villa was a relief due to the air conditioning and Starbucks. We went into the news agents for a magazine to find the first edition Spanish eBike Mag, what a coincidence. The flight home was quick and hassle free, landing in Birmingham was good although neither of us had thought about the weather back home so our coats were in the hold luggage. Bags collected – coats on – taxi’s waiting and off we departed. Our EMTB Coaching’s trip to Spain was a huge success and our holiday package will be advertised once the final details have been ironed out.



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