Trail Techniques Level 1

This course is aimed for Trail Riders who are beginners or advanced riders who aim to progress themselves on eBikes or Normal Mountain Bikes.

Our ‘Trail Techniques Level 1‘ course is ideal for both novice and experienced riders who can demonstrate confidence with general riding on either canal tow paths or red/black graded trails. This program is designed to take you to the next level of you riding ability by improving your braking, cornering, body positions, climbing and descending.

This course will help you ride faster and smoother to improve your confidence when tackling trails. By working your way through EMTB coaching courses we aim to have you riding at a very advanced level. We believe that you can never learn the same thing too many times, we can always help you no matter what level you believe you ride at.

Course includes the following:

  • IntroductionGuided ride 21stfeb -ebike-training-coaching-emtb-haibike-bosch-yamaha-drive-unit-instructors-ebikearmy.jpeg (53)

  • Safety guidance

  • Setting up your bike correctly for you

  • Trail etiquette

  • Correct body positions

  • Braking control

  • Efficient braking

  • Cornering on flat ground

  • Cornering on loose ground

  • Controlled descents

  • Guided red trail

  • Debrief

Trail Techniques Level 1 is £40 for 3 hours.

*eBike friendly course*

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